4: Boost

Boost: OAP’s Double Decker, kinder to your dentures.

If you used to like a double decker (like me) but can no longer manage it (like me) because you are getting old (not me) which makes you lack the strength and stamina in your jaw department. Then BOOST bar is for you.

It’s kinda similar, if you imagine Double Decker is a lasagne then BOOST is a cannelloni. Instead of layers, it comes in a (smaller) roll and with chocolate coating then a caramel layer instead of thick as brick nougat in DD.
The “core” is a smashed up shortbread biscuit as opposed to tightly packed crispies in DD.

So it’s more manageable because you bite through the medium soft caramel first then you get funny chocolate type and THEN you get some biscuit pieces. I repeat some as you don’t actually get much, mine disappeared towards the end. Then you chew and chew and chew some more. Three years have passed, lots of celebrities died now you finally finish chewing and are able to talk again, thank God. At least it doesn’t take as long as DD or people would have lived on Mars by then (pun intended).

I hear you say, so maybe it isn’t like DD at all after all that long winded comparisons. Who cares, there’s no more to say, get a BOOST bar today.

Verdict 7.2/10


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