5: Caramac

Caramac : Purgatory for condensed milk.

When condensed milk is being boiled to death it goes to heaven and we say “halo” to a heavenly fudgey fudge. But what if it runs out of good deeds before it could reach there? I give you CARAMAC.

Caramac is a half way experience between condensed milk and fudge. I’m not joking I actually read the ingredient lists, all 4 long lines of gibberish and that’s all there is to it, a thin slab of fat, condensed milk and treacle flavouring.

I call it a slab as it’s too small and thin to qualify for a bar (stingy manufacturer). It consists of about 5 little slabs I think, can’t be sure though. This is turning into a rubbish and not very accurate review thanks to my daughter who sneakily ate most slabs as l was busy taking the photos!! I managed to snatch one and threw it in my mouth before she gobbled the whole thing up.

It’s sweet, smooth and condensed milky. This innocent looking tiny little beauty is equivalent to 19 percent sugar and 46 percent of saturated fat of your RDI!! No wonder it sent my heart racing.
In summary, Caramac is small sweet and (half) deadly.

Verdict : 6/10 give or take, can’t be sure

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