6: Starbar

Starbar: A chewy cosmos of peanuts and caramel….Hang on mate, it’s the wrong place you are trying to advertise.

Out of the whole universe full of stars, or in another word, STARBURST (cough cough), they chose to launch this product here on Earth, MILKY WAY GALAXY (cough some more) where it is already full of hundreds and thousands (wink) of sweets. No wonder they don’t make much profit.

So where would be the ideal target market or planet for starbar? It’s Planet of the Apes of course. Come on, crunchiness of peanuts and sweetness caramel plus little granules of rice crispies, those Apes will go nuts. I mean they could have prevented all the wars and swinging on the bridge and even better stop all the unnecessary sequels by just sending them supply of starbars.

Starbar is round (ish) with super sticky chewy caramel​ and creamy peanut butter with some crushed peanuts and rice crispies for extra texture (and cost cutting reason as I guess they are cheaper than peanuts).
What not to like? They will be no brainer monkey business over there.

So in the galaxy far far away ….., that’s the whole other story. Until next time, Cheerios (gosh I’m really coming down with a whooping cough).

Verdict : 7.8/10

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