7: Wispa

Wispa: Dear Cadbury, I’m starting a petition calling for the ban of playing music in your product development lab. Why? I think you’ll find the evidence in your wispa bar as explained below.

I think someone somewhere was dancing along to the music in front of the coldron while concucing the recipe for wispa. As the music dies, something in their eyes and WHAM!!! they accidentally squashed all the air out leaving wispa tasted like an aero bar with no air or a flake without the lovely flakiness!!! And that sir resulted in one CARELESS WISPA!!

You should be able to find the culprit easily as he/she should have guilty feeling written all over their face for the fact that their feet have got no rthym. Though they thought it’s easy to pretend (nothing happened and carried on with their work). But I know you’re not a fool.

They should have known better (to be more careful and not made a chocolate which is so extremely dry that I needed a whole glass of water to get rid of all the taste). They wasted a chance they’ve been given. And they certainly should never be allowed to dance (in the lab) again!!!

And lastly just to let you know that time can never mend the careless wispa that you made….
Sincerely yours
A loyal customer

Verdict: 0/10.

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