9: Reese’s pieces

Reese’s pieces: X men of the confectionery world.

I have been drooling over this NEW little beauties for a while. But for £2 a pouch, I had to wait until I got paid before I could afford it.

A terrifyingly​ bright orange packaging hints you that it’s not just​ your everyday ordained candy.

It looks like m&m, it tastes a bit like m&m but it’s far from the normal m&m. The super shiny shell is much much much crispier and comes in 3 different colours; E102, E 110 and E129. The inside is like a solidified smooth peanut butter. It is less creamy than the normal Reese’s​, less sweet which means you can eat it more or nearly all in my case. They are confident that you will do just that so they didn’t even bother providing you with those (non) sticky tapes for you to reseal.

And my oh my it worths every penny (I think 50p went to the guy/gal who came up with that cheesy rhyming name). I enjoyed it so much my heart was beating so fast with joy I had to check what it’s actually made of.

And I can tell you in short that it’s a mutant m&m.

The “candy” centre is made of partially defatted peanuts. It didn’t specify how many part it’s has been defatted but I like to think it’s a lot so I can eat more without feeling guilty.

Sugar in both the shell and the candy is produced from GM sugar beet, corn and soya beans!! As far as I’m concerned, soya beans = tofu, that must be good, mustn’t it? It’s like you are eating a whole meal without knowing it!!

The brightly coloured shells are made from the artificial colourings which they proudly inform you that ” it may have effects on activity and attention in children”. Now I know it wasn’t joy that sent my heart racing and why I was extra talkative after popping half a package in my mouth.

But hey, don’t let all of these genetically modified stuffs​ and artificial everything put you off. They had obviously put a lot of effort and God knows what producing this for you. And who knows, with only £2 you might gain a third eye, a tail or even some useful superpowers.

Now I’d better go and check if I’ve grown any of those.
A “clearing Lego off the floor with a flick of a finger” power would be nice.
May you live long and prosper with Reese’s pieces.

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